Promise kids

Within the framework of a loving, Christ-centered environment, we have the great privilege of partnering with a special group of parents who have a unique calling on their lives. Our school is pleased to partner with these parents through our Promise Kids program to help them develop skills and reach their full potential in Christ. Our Promise Kids enjoy individualized instruction in math, language arts, and handwriting in their classroom, along with the opportunity for some participation with children of their age in regular classroom activities, such as music, art, physical education, Bible, and more. It is an exciting educational adventure, all from a biblical worldview foundation.

Not only do we see this program as a benefit to our Promise Kids but to our entire school community. All of our students look forward to enjoying opportunities to interact with our Promise Kids and celebrate who they are in Christ.

This program is staffed with a highly qualified director and a passionate line up of assistants, and the additional help of qualified therapists for those requiring services. Please be sure to review the Admission Process and Guidelines on this website.

Come See For Yourself.

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