Application process

We view the admissions process as an opportunity to get to know you and discover together if CCS is the right fit for your family. While our process is similar to other schools requiring documentation, fees, and academic testing, our admissions process has more aspects required of our families with a pastoral reference and parent faith interview.

Our school is not for everyone. We know that. We have a very specific mission for a very specific group of people in the general public. We believe God will reveal His purposes throughout the course of our admissions process so we trust Him in the calling the families He has entrusted to our care. If you would like to know more about our commitment to excellence and commitment to Christ, we can’t wait to meet you!

Step 1: Schedule a Tour

While this step is not required, we believe it to be the quickest way for you to confirm whether CCS is the best fit for your family. There is no fee to schedule a campus tour and no expectation of commitment following the tour. We conduct campus tours most week days where the visits consists of viewing our classrooms, visiting with faculty and staff, seeing our entire campus, and answering any questions you may have along the way. Campus tours usually last about an hour.

Step 2: Complete the Student Application Form

Completing & submitting this form is the official start of your application process with CCS. In addition to your $80 application fee, you will need to include all requested documentation, including a copy of a current report card and a copy of your child’s most recent standardized testing results. Additionally, there will be a space in the student application form for you to provide an email address for a pastoral reference. This will send an email to your contact with information about our admissions process and asking for their responses about your active participation with the church you attend. This reference may come from your pastor, the parents’ Sunday school teacher or Lifegroup leader, or other church officer.

Step 3: Schedule Academic Testing

Once we receive your student application form with other documentation showing that Step 2 has been completed, our staff will reach out to schedule an academic testing session for your child. This is a time for our staff to determine if your child has a reasonable expectation of success in our programs. We have found it best for the child that parents are not present for the testing so our staff makes every effort to make this a fun, engaging time free of intimidation or pressure.

Step 4: Schedule Parent Faith Interview

When the results of the academic testing arrive, our staff will contact you to schedule the parent faith interview. We protect the integrity of our covenant school community by learning about your faith journey. A requirement for admission to CCS is that at least one parent can share evidence of their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior by sharing about their conversion, discipleship, and active participation in a local church body. To be clear, this is not a verification of anyone’s salvation; it is merely a time to share your testimony of faith in Christ with our school to ensure we are operating from the same kingdom perspective going forward. This is a time our staff treasure as we hear of God’s provision and grace that has been shared in the lives of our prospective families.

Step 5: Acceptance!

If Steps 1 – 4 meet the Admissions requirements, your family will receive a letter of acceptance with an offer of contract. Upon signing the contract and submitting any final necessary forms or payments, the admissions process is complete, and you are officially part of our CCS school community.

Come See For Yourself.

We are ready to schedule a personal tour of CCS to see if it is the right fit for your child!