It's Happening!

  • 9th – 10th grades in August 2023
  • Will add a grade each year to complete the high school experience
  • New 10,000 sq. ft. facility expansion
  • Same CCS mission and biblical worldview

Phase One : COMPLETE!

Phase two : august 2025

We Are Distinctly Different.

Covenant Model

Our covenant model is a holistic approach to Christ-centered education. Students at CCS are surrounded by educators, administrators, coaches, and an entire school community dedicated to helping them develop a biblical worldview during the most formative years of their lives. To guard the integrity of our school community, we require a letter of recommendation from a pastor and conduct a Parent Faith Interview with each new applicant.

Biblical Worldview

At CCS, we are Christ-centered in our approach to education. The Bible isn’t relegated to a 50 minute class or a once a week program. We integrate our faith into each subject area on a daily basis so that our students learn to develop a complete biblical worldview with which they can interpret the world around them. Truths found in our textbooks are leveraged to teach us deeper spiritual lessons about the God of the Bible and His will for our lives.

Parent Partnership

We believe the best way to prepare our students to be lifelong lovers of truth is a unified partnership between church, home, and school. Our parent partnership is central to mission and impacts every facet of life in our school community. We commit to protecting our students and preparing them to defend their faith in an increasingly secular and godless society that is influencing children at younger and younger ages.

Our Mission

To partner with Christian parents in teaching, training, and equipping their children academically and spiritually so that they would be able to love the Lord, to think biblically, and to glorify God in every area of life.

Strengths of CCS

Academic Excellence

On average, CCS Students score 3 years above grade level on achievement testing

Our First Graders rank in the 94th percentile nationally on standardized tests

10 Middle School elective offerings including Spanish 1, Latin 1, Advanced Technology, Art, Drama, Drumline, and more

Athletic Achievement

With 10 sports offered, our Warrior Athletic Program is providing a top-notch athletic offering to our student athletes

Smaller team sizes allow more individualized coaching opportunities for every student athlete and more exposure to real-game scenarios that are impossible to simulate in a practice setting

11 State Championships
28 District Championships

Small School Community

Smaller class sizes allow our faculty to know each student to a greater depth than is possible in larger class sizes

Our campus enjoys the benefits of a large school without the intimidation associated with the feeling of getting lost in the crowd

The smaller school community allows our parents the best opportunity to get to know other parents who are equally committed to a biblical worldview for their child